Fall projects

I wanted to make sure I posted a few things I've completed this Fall, before too much time has passed and I end up needing to post another giant catch-up blog...

SO, the baby pants and Danish socks from my earlier post are complete:

First batt, uneven spinning, first cabled yarn, success.

The finished product.
Months ago I fell head over heels for a blue-purple-red "Kitchen Sink Batt" at Downtown Yarns. I was super excited to spin it. But I was also less attached to an idea of what I wanted it to be than I am to some of the other fiber in my stash. This made it a good option for experimenting since, although I am not unskilled, the reality is that I am a novice spinner.

Mucking about on the wheel

I mentioned in my last post that I am lucky enough to have Leti's Louet (S15) on long-term loan. And no, I absolutely could not avoid adding any additional alliterations.

Catching up again

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You may have noticed that the blog has been languishing un-updated since the end of April. Lots of things have happened between then and now and unfortunately blogging has not been priority number one. In fact I've had a draft with that same opening sentence on the books for more than two months.

I should say though that the reason (or excuse) I have for not posting has been that we have been soooo busy since April. I started my new job in March and was working 7 days a week until the end of May, something I don't plan on ever repeating. In the meantime we were attending weddings left and right and then in June we took off for a Scandinavian Adventure (more on that below) and now were preparing to heard to Lahore for 10 days for yet another wedding. Whew!

Furry little mini-skirt.

Actually it's a lot classier than it sounds. I promise. Er, well, I guess you can decide.

This piece is knit with one strand of Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky (Bing Cherry) and one strand Brushed Suri Alpaca from Blue Sky Alpacas, just like my Black & White Cowl.

Peabody finally complete!

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One of the reasons I haven't been posting much lately, despite the fact that I have completed more than a few projects, is that I have started a new job and now find myself working 7 days a week! Whew!

But, I did finish my Peabody sweater just in time to wear it to my new office! Hooray! Here are some pics:

EXTREMELY Late X-mas Gift

I have finally finished the scarf I made for Eli's brother. It took me about 4 months to complete. Granted, I did not work exclusively on it, it was my "hard" project and I knit a ton on "easy" projects during that time. I was also sick for most of January, which meant it got neglected. But anyway, I think I can say, with confidence that this scarf was the most demanding thing I have EVER knit. But boy does it look good!

Black and White Cowl

I knit this cute little cowl in a couple of hours using Brown Sheep Lamb's Pride Bulky and Blue Sky Alpacas Brushed Suri.

First Crochet Mitts and Other Odds and Ends

Improving my crochet is one of my goals for 2013, and what better a way to begin that journey than with a crochet class at Downtown Yarns! The image above shows some of the swatches we made during class. The little ring of stitches (now a mini dog cowl) was my swatch from our first class, and the other three were made during the second session.

Green and Orange Jamie Harmon scarf for Dad

I am hoping this will be my last "top-secret" project for a while. I hate not being able to blog about it until it's gifted! But anyway, I just finished (and gifted) an early birthday present for my dad: a BEAUTIFUL, warm, green and orange scarf from Jamie Harmon's 2-ply merino/angora yarn. This yarn is sold exclusively at Downtown Yarns or directly through Jamie (check out her website here).

Stocking cap for the Downtown Yarns Hat Challenge!

This week I finished my first ever sample for Downtown Yarns! Rita asked everyone to make a chunky hat for a hats and pompoms window display. I have been wanting to make a snow-queen-esque stocking caps so this was a perfect opportunity! This guy is knit with two skeins of Malabrigo Chunky in Water Green. I added a little bit of white angora to the pompom for pizzaz. :)

My most beautiful button lots yet!

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Coming soon to my Etsy shop!

Little woven circle

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I'm getting the year started off with a little weaving! 

Welcome to 2013!

W00t! New Years Day 2013! It's time for my annual look back at the year before and to set my goals for the new one!

In a lot of ways 2012 was a hard year for me, but somehow it just doesn't feel like it. It was filled with many big wonderful moments, but also sad ones. Eli and I moved into our first apartment together, a transition that was frighteningly seamless. I participated in the Out of the Darkness Overnight for the second time, raising over $4000.00 (thanks mostly to the generosity of the OKCupid staff and the customers of Thompson Chemists). It was held in San Francisco less than two-weeks after our move and was an wonderful, exhausting, emotional experience. In October we took a beach vacation (FINALLY) and spent a wonderful long weekend relaxing away the stress of knowing I was getting laid off in the next few weeks. And then I got laid off.