Catching up again

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You may have noticed that the blog has been languishing un-updated since the end of April. Lots of things have happened between then and now and unfortunately blogging has not been priority number one. In fact I've had a draft with that same opening sentence on the books for more than two months.

I should say though that the reason (or excuse) I have for not posting has been that we have been soooo busy since April. I started my new job in March and was working 7 days a week until the end of May, something I don't plan on ever repeating. In the meantime we were attending weddings left and right and then in June we took off for a Scandinavian Adventure (more on that below) and now were preparing to heard to Lahore for 10 days for yet another wedding. Whew!

Here's a brief recap of recently completed projects:

Purple Pointus
LOVE LOVE LOVE this item! Pattern is Pointus by Elizabeth Brassard.

Stepping Out Sample
Sample for Downtown Yarns. This yarn is on sale right now, btw...

Classy hat and mitt set
No photo at the moment, but it came in handy in Sweden! Knit from fabulous yarn I bought in Asheville that was locally made.

Shawl for Sweden
This is a WILD mohair shawl I made to keep me warm in the far north! Here I am in Ostersund.

Granny Square Pillow
My first (real) crochet project ever! I used Brown Sheep Waverly wool partially separated. The back is single crochet and was made with very plain wool I bought in Sweden. Originally I wanted it to be square but I was unable to find the right sized pillow so it got blocked into a rectangle...

Which brings us to things that are on the needles. I have many projects going at once right know which is unusual for me. Several of them are ALMOST done and were put down because I needed something to travel with and I hate doing finishing on the road...

Top Secret project in Danish cotton
No photos allowed but check back soon!

Top secret item for Miss Vivi (just needs seaming)
No photos allowed but check back soon!

Longies for Tyler Elijah Lucas
These look soooo great! I can't wait to see him try them on! Pattern is an Elizabeth Zimmerman from Knitters Almanac.

Danish Bird of Paradise Socks
My knitting plan for Sweden was to buy yarn to knit these socks straight away and then to use that as my vacation project although I did not end up starting them until I got back. Tylers Longies were my travel project instead. I will do a more in-depth blog later about my yarn haul from Sweden but I'll just say that this yarn is one of the most fabulous things I have every knit with. It is Danish but I bought it in Ystad. The company is BC Garn, Semilla Fino 100% Organic Wool. I bought it in this shop in Ystad. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. And the owner used to live in New York so her English is perfect. Also, it is actually purple, now brown. The lighting at DTY is very yellow... Oh and the pattern is from the Knitting Everyday Finery book by Mel Clark.

Monge Tank by Nora Gaughan. 
Ah yes. This is on my goals list for the year. I was hemming and hawing over what yarn to knit it in all summer and ended up making the decision to pair Noro Taiyo sock yarn with a strand of Louet Linen. It looks GREAT. In fact I just completed the back! Here it is a few days ago.

So that's the summary. Apologies for the generally poor quality of my images. More to come soon on Sweden, perhaps some fabric shopping in Pakistan and spinning! I'm taking our spinning wheel class right now at DTY and was lucky enough to get a Louet on loan from Leti! Here's a sneak peak:

Oh yeah, and here I am with my haul in Vilhelmina. I was so very pleased...