Silk Ruffle Scarf

This week's project: a one skein silk scarf. 

The Great Mitts Project

Wintertime at Thompson Chemists brings joy to some, and frozen fingers to most. The pharmacist loves the fresh cool air, and consequently, the door is open almost year round. This year I decided to undertake a massive mitt-making project to equip our entire staff with hand-knit fingerless gloves.

Now, we have a staff of about 16 people. I'm not making 16 pairs of gloves. My goal is to have four pairs for Thompson Chemists and two pairs for Thompson Alchemists (unevenly divided based on the number of employees normally scheduled at each location at any given time). So far I have two pairs for ThomChem and one pair for ThomAlchem.

The Grey Mitts

Made for (i.e. inspired by, she still has to share!) and modeled by the lovely Jazmin Cruz. 

An ever expanding collection...

So it's been a while, wow, a really long time, since I shared any of my stash. I've been very productive this fall, but I have also watched my stash expand at an exponential rate. Part of the reason is I now belong to  Three Irish Girls Stash Menagerie, which is basically a yarn of the month club. The rest is almost all due to spur of the moment yarn love...

Baltimore Yarns

When I was in B-more a while back, I stopped in at A Good Yarn and walked out with a shameful amount of yarn: seven skeins of Harrisville Designs New England Shetland and three skeins of the Highland. I love how squishy and wooly these yarns are, but so far I have no real plans for them.

Seaport Yarns

My eye doctor is located directly across the street from Seaport Yarns in lower Manhattan. After each appointment, and Ive had many as of late, I stop in for a visit. Until recently I had been very very good. I bought the yarn for my Fox costume there but had resisted buying anything else, though I was planning on buying some Joseph Galler Alpaca with my birthday money. 

But then, when I went in for my Alpaca on Monday, yarn love struck... 

I bought 6 skeins of Malabrigo Rios, four in the Primavera colorway and two in Zarzamora. I'm planning on making a HUGE beautiful shawl, with the Primavera as the main and the lovely purple Zarzamora as the border. 

Oh, and here is the yarn I went in for. Its the same yarn I used for Deidre's Blizzard Scarf and Ryan's Baby Sweater. Again, I think I want it to be a big warm shawl. Maybe something with cables. 

Three Irish Girls Stash Menagerie

July: A silk alpaca blend. This yarn has already been used to make one small item. It has not been posted because I plan on gifting it.

August: Wexford Silk. I am loving working with this yarn. Its on my needles right now! Images coming soon!

September: A lovely semi-solid blue on a superwash Merino.

October: Minimally processed Merino in a very festive colorway!

Other Random Additions

The above two were purchased at Knit-A-Way in Brooklyn. And the one below was a spur of the moment purchase at The Bay Window in Irvington, VA where I spent a lovely afternoon in the company of other knitters. 

This last one was a gift from the lovely Amy Madden. Its a gorgeous hand dyed cotton. I spent a solid hour untangling this skein (I have two, the other was fine) and just having it in my hands was...almost erotic. Ahh yarn love...

Imafoxnotacat! Halloween 2010

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Yes, Yes, I knit those ears...

Yup, and the tail.

Knit more or less on the fly with Gedifra's "Techno Hair Oro" (really guys?) and a smidge of Classic Elite's La Gran Mohair. I designed and knit this project on my Quaker meeting's yearly retreat last weekend. :) 

The ears are knit flat and then attached to a headband. They have wire holding them up in the proper shape. The tail was knit in the round from the top down. I stuffed it with a bit of pillow stuffing to  give it some body, but the yarn itself was so dense that I didnt use much. Just a wee bit to make the tail nice and round on the end. 

A fox in the city!


Happy Halloween!