Biodiversity Reclamation Suits by Laurel Roth

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Recently, on Ravelry, I discovered the work of Laurel Roth, an incredibly talented multi-media artist (and former park ranger). I encourage you to check out her website, because the scope of her work is wonderful and much of it is not fiber related. But here, I just want to share with you a few images of her project "Biodiversity Reclamation Suits for Urban Pigeons."

This image is the one that hooked me; it's a Carolina Parakeet

Roth explains the project on her website: "Fascinated with women’s traditional use of fiber-craft to provide safety and comfort, I have been crocheting small suits for urban pigeons that disguise them as extinct birds, thereby (visually) re-creating biodiversity and placing a soothing cosy on environmental fears." 


The Carolina Parakeet, for example, became extinct in the wild in 1904 (according to wikipedia). The Dodo, of course, disappeared in 17th Century, and the other bird I have featured here, the Paradise Parrot, became extinct in 1927. 

Paradise Parrot

I really do just love these pieces. I love the humor in them. But most of all I am in awe of their beauty and technical detail. Crochet is so often used for evil purposes (please see here, here, here, here and here for examples, and ok, yes, so the Turkey Coasters are actually kinda cool but...); in contrast, Roth's work is a perfect example of the wondrous flexibility of crochet as a medium and the beauty that can be crocheted!  

Carolina parakeet
A stuffed Carolina Parakeet

I personally have a hard time with crochet. Because I can't see very well, I find that knitting is much easier for me (although I'm sure that with more practice I could find a rhythm with crochet as well). But I also find that it is difficult to create beginners projects that aren't totally hideous! Perhaps I just need to work on some samplers or something and never let them see the light of day...

Anyways, I hope you have enjoyed these amazing pieces and much as I have. 

Also, for reference, more cool crocheted things can be found here, here, here, here, here, and here. The first two links are actually art, the rest are just cute. Remember that you have a choice, you can use your needles for good or for evil. Choose wisely.