Seedless Watermelon Smocked Top Dress

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This project has been a lot of fun so far. The pattern is the Cotton Bam Boo Smocked Top by Classic Elite. I am using Kollage Corntastic, a 100% corn yarn (yup!) in Coral and Jade. Obviously Im also making it into a dress. 

I had a lot of trouble with the gauge. I ended up using size 3 needles on the bodice and size 5 and 6 on the skirt. The smocked pattern was easy once I memorized it, and now I just have a few hours of endless stockinette to do...

Here are some pics of the bodice.

I worked very hard to make sure the seam was nice and neat. Finishing techniques are something I need to practice! I hope to have the skirt done in the next two weeks or so. Stay tuned!

FO's and WIPs galore! Thats what happens when I take so long between posts!

So, it's been a while. Much has happened.

Three days after my last post, just after midnight on Easter Sunday, the pharmacy that has been my life, my job, my family for the past 7 years burnt to the ground. Or almost. No one was hurt, our tin ceiling saved the building, and we moved into a new space to continue operating just about as seamlessly as anyone could.

Next on the list of stuff-that-happened is my trip to Mexico. I got my tax refund, found a cheap ticket and away I went! Spent 6 days in Mexico City and 3 in Puebla. Que chido!

Then there is the quasi-emergency minor eye surgery I had yesterday, which is why I'm home instead of at work today. Last week I went for a check-up, just to see if my glasses were still ok, and my (wonderful) doctor found a little something on my retina that he wanted me to have looked at. Thursday I went to the specialist's office, spent 2.5 hours being poked, prodded, injected and inspected and was told I needed to have laser eye surgery asap to prevent a possible detachment of my left retina. Boy was that a surprise. So here I am, at home recovering, mostly blind in one eye, typing by feel, using the right eye when I actually need to see. :(

Oh! And you might notice from my pictures that I also moved since my last post! LOVE my new apt.

But enough about me, lets move on to what this blog is really about: the projects!

#1: Granny's Multnomah Shawl

None of these photos do it justice, but I was in a bit of a rush to get it in the mail to her! The top two are taken with artificial light and the bottom two in natural but low light. 

#2: Mossy Citron

Yup, I'm working on the ever popular Citron pattern. I'm using the Alchemy Haiku yarn that I had been drooling over at Purl Soho since last winter. Let me tell you though, this yarn is a PAIN to work with. It's extra difficult for me because I'm so damn blind, but its very sticky and mostly impossible to pull out. Because its so hard to backtrack on, I have also been forced to make this an increase-sampler because so far I've tried at least 4 different ones and havent liked any! Hopefully only knitters will notice! This one is hibernating right now because of this next project. 

#3: Seedless Watermelon Smocked Top Dress


I'm still swatching on this one. I have had a terrible time getting the gauge right! :( 

I'm also too lazy to take another photo of the swatch. So stay tuned, kids!


I can't tell you much about this next project, its one of my top-secret-baby-knits! My best-friend is having her first child in September and between me and grandma this baby is going to be COVERED in knitwear! I will post pics of it after the baby-shower in July, but if youre on Ravelry you can see it there(283projects)! In the meantime, here are some pics of alpacas looking awesome.