First Crochet Mitts and Other Odds and Ends

Improving my crochet is one of my goals for 2013, and what better a way to begin that journey than with a crochet class at Downtown Yarns! The image above shows some of the swatches we made during class. The little ring of stitches (now a mini dog cowl) was my swatch from our first class, and the other three were made during the second session.

Green and Orange Jamie Harmon scarf for Dad

I am hoping this will be my last "top-secret" project for a while. I hate not being able to blog about it until it's gifted! But anyway, I just finished (and gifted) an early birthday present for my dad: a BEAUTIFUL, warm, green and orange scarf from Jamie Harmon's 2-ply merino/angora yarn. This yarn is sold exclusively at Downtown Yarns or directly through Jamie (check out her website here).