Holiday Spirit

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Sunday afternoon my roommates and I hosted a holiday party, during which we encouraged our guests to decorate sugar cookies and to make ornaments for our tree with fantastic results! 

Top-secret X-mas Project!

These are some yarns that I may or may not be using for a top secret x-mas present/original design. Stay tuned for more info (after x-mas!)

Yarn Madness!

It was 50% off...with free shipping!

10 skeins Cherry Tree Hill Soft Twist Potluck (Supersock Potluck).

Work Shawl

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For the past couple of weeks I've been working tirelessly on a rather large lace shawl for myself. The pattern is very simple, a 4 row repeat of garter stitch with yarn overs and chevrons, but I just love it! Also, it has pockets!

I'm on my 4th skein of 6.