Un Chameau! Sur ma chaussette! (Maroc Socks continued...)

Last night I dragged out ye olde Maroc Socks. I need the needles for another project. But rather than transfer Maroc to waste yarn I decided to try and figure out where I was and continue them.

I was pretty confused by what I saw, and I couldn't find my notes on that section, but I just ran with it, didnt chart anything else and finished it! YAY! I have one Maroc Sock!

Work Shawl at Work!

I took a moment to pose with my work shawl before we closed last night. Its doing a great job of keeping me warm and so far nothing has fallen out of my pockets! I've been wrapping it around my neck so that the pockets fall at about boob level though because when I have it just draped across my back it get in the way in my tiny tiny store.  

Work Shawl of Many Colors

Yes, yes, yes, my work shawl is finally completed! 

This shawl, which is huge by the way, was quite an undertaking. The stitch pattern is easy to memorize, but there are endless endless repeats! It was an exercise in patience for me, especially all the sewing in of ends and then the sewing on of the pockets. 

Because this shawl is more or less reversible the ends needed to be woven in invisibly. To do this I split each end into two and wove them in opposite directions, some on the "right side" and some on the "wrong side." This doubled the number of ends that needed to be woven in. *sigh*

But the important thing is that I got through it, and even learned a certain zen appreciation for it. And now I have a beautiful beautiful shawl! With pockets!

Happy New Year!

Last January I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish (see Crafting Plans/goals/dreams in 2010). Looking back on this list I am pretty satisfied with the number of goals I actually met or worked on.

I've had a very productive year; I think I completed about 25 projects and have a few more that just arent done yet. I have expanded my library of reference books. I knit something from yarn I spun (see the Very Tiny Ear Warmer). On December 31st I became a card carrying member of the Knitters Guild and signed up for the Master's Program. I worked on my sewing skills when I made my Seedless Watermelon Smocked Top Dress. AND I finished the first prototype for an original design! The pattern should be ready by the end of the month!

New goals for 2011 include: