Chic Knitted Turbans

The last time I was at the Brooklyn General Store I picked up this great new book, Knitting Vintage by Claire Montgomerie (using my Groupon, no less!). This little gem has a bunch of cute and sometimes goofy (condiser the looped jacket on the cover, which I really wanna make...) patterns, including one for a knitted turban. 

I decided to knit up one for myself and one for my coworker Olivia, who had taken care of my puppy over Christmas. The pattern itself is very simple, it's basically a loop of ribbed fabric folded over and twisted, but I ended up making a few changes to it. First I made the band more narrow than it called for. Other peoples' versions on Ravelry just seemed too big (wide), and on closer inspection, so did the picture in the book. Secondly I used a provisional cast on and a three needle bond off to connect the ends instead of just sewing a seam. And lastly, I decided not to secure the knot with any tacking stitches. I like the option to loop it around my neck when I'm not wearing it on my head. 

All in all I think they turned out great! And despite being made of cotton (Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima, Jeremy @Purl's suggestion as the best sport weight with a sheen) it is very toasty warm. This project took way less than one skein, so it's a perfect stash buster. Or a perfect reason to buy one skein of whatever super fancy yarn you've been eyeing... 

Et voilĂ ...

These amazing photos were taken in my amazing bathroom. That wallpaper is great, right?! 

Here are a few of Olivia modeling in her turban at Thompson Alchemists

She was really happy with it. 

And here is one last pic of Miss Esther lookin' cute modeling mine for good measure.   


Sckwee Says:

Friggin adorable! I wonder if I could pull of something like that....hmm... I think I look so silly in hats so maybe a turban is the thing for me!

Love it! You're so talented!

Peter Walsh Says:

Very Cool!