Peachy Slouchy Gansey Legwarmers

As soon as I picked up the newest Interweave Knits Weekend, I knew I had to make the Gansey Legwarmers by Courtney Kelley. I headed over to Knit-A-Way, chose a burnt orange alpaca blend (Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light) and cast on! They actually took me a long time to knit, but then again, I figure they are almost the size of two pairs of socks! So maybe I'm not that slow after all. In any case, they turned out wonderfully and I can't wait to wear them!

Silken Mittens for Fall

After a relatively unproductive summer, I hit the ground running for Fall. And then stalled. This past weekend I completed a pair of mittens (Celtic Moonrise Mitts in Alchemy Kosmos) that had intended to make 2+ years ago. I knitted all but one thumb back before I began Esther's hat, but somehow couldn't bring myself to pick them up again until now. Boy do I need them too! Just in time for the first real cold snap.