Kromski Harp

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I got a Kromski Harp rigid heddle loom for Xmas last year. I asked for it because I am interested in weaving, and the Harp is a nice compact little loom, in the "affordable" range of prices for looms (which is still stupidly expensive). However, it is also a full on loom, not a mini project maker like the Weavette, so it takes some serious skill to use.

Which explains why it has sat in my house, unused, until now...

There are several things that make weaving different from knitting or crocheting. One, is speed. Because you create your piece row by row as opposed to stitch by stitch, the project grows very quickly. The second major difference, however, is the time an effort required to prep the loom for weaving, which is called "warping" the loom. It is a serious pain in the arse.

Warping the loom requires two people, so Sunday morning I took advantage of the fact that I had a friend staying over and asked him to give me a hand. (Thanks Eli!) It took us about an hour, not counting the prep work I had done (measuring the warp on the warping board) earlier in the week.

Since then I have woven about 25-30 inches of a thin scarf. Today one of my warp threads broke. More on that later. :/


Joe Says:

i found this quite late, but perhaps you could use the direct warp method instead of premeasuring. it's so much easier and faster.

you can google and youtube it