My name is Emily and I live, knit and teach in New York City with my boyfriend and my fabulous side-kick Harley-dog. I am obsessive knitter and knitwear designer. As a knitter, I gravitate towards patterns that are beautiful, useful and as much a joy to create as they are to wear/look at. I am particularly interested in knitting and costume history and have adapted a number of vintage patterns over the years. My favorites are the worsted weight “sport” looks of the 20’s and 30’s. I have amassed a collection of these early patterns, many of which were created by yarn companies as knitting found a niche somewhere between leisure craft and necessary housework.

As a designer, I strive to create patterns that are stylish, easy to wear and, most importantly, enjoyable to create. For me knitting (and crochet too) is the ultimate creative endeavor. Unlike something like weaving, there is very little set up, and therefore I see knitting as a changeable and fluid process-oriented art form. To that effect I try to convince my students to pick their battles when it comes to mistakes in their knitting. Like EZ, I won’t fight with one stitch, and I believe that it’s very important, especially for beginners, to be able to let go of anxiety-provoking desire for absolute perfection. Creation is a joy, and the most important thing to me as a teacher is that my students are happy, not just with their finished object, but with the creative process.

For information on private or group knitting lessons or custom knitwear please contact me at emily@283projects.net.