Three Irish Foamies

I had gotten my hands on one spectacular skein of Glenahven Cashmerino Worsted by Three Irish Girls in Key Lime and I knew I had to make something (small but) sufficiently simple and lovely to better show off the yarn. I also wanted it to be a special item, not an everyday wear item so I ended up going with Gokce Baser's Foamy pattern.

Completed in just over two days, this project practically knit itself! I blocked it hard to make it a bit bigger, and didnt follow the pattern exactly... I will probably make more of these shawls, they are so easy and perfect for gifts.

UPDATE: Maroc Socks

Here are some pics of my Maroc Socks! Almost done sock number one! My gauge is a little wonky from experimenting with different ways of holding the yarn (i.e. I thought it would be a good idea to learn to knit continental style... *sigh*) but mostly it looks ok. Can't wait to finish!

Tassels are where it's at. Word.

For whatever reason I've been dreaming of tassels lately. I think it started when I got my Encyclopedia of Crochet in the mail, with its lovely magenta-sparkly-novelty-yarn-shawl-pattern (with a tassel!), because I've also been spending way too much time thinking about sparkly yarn....  

I've been trying to come up with ideas for other items that can involve tassels. Shawls, hats that tie under the chin, lap-blankets, snoods with cinchy-tassel-goodness....


In an effort to find a way to use the 57 yards of shetland wool I recently spun, I created a Very Tiny Ear Warmer (VTEW) complete with twisted cord ties and tassels! YAY! 

Ladies and gents I think we need a close up of those tassels! 

W00T! (And the crowd goes wild!)

Are they just delicious? 

Spinning again, finally! Results are, er, lumpy. :(

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So, it's been a while since I did any spinning. And I'm not in love with my new spindles. But, I'm getting better at working with them and have produced one 57 Yard skein of 2 ply wool, and half a skein of singles (will finish the rest and make it a two ply). Here are some pics.

The pictures above show the first bit of spinning I did. I used the brown wool to make the other ply. The two below show the first bit of spinning I did on my top-whorl spindle. It spins very fast and I had a hard time drafting fast enough. It is already kind of busted-up because I've dropped it a few times. :(

At least its still functional. I'm hoping its more of a broken-in kind of busted-up and not a will-shatter-next-time-I-drop-it kind of busted-up.

These next image show the 2 ply yarn on my bottom-whorl spindle which I used to spin both plys and to ply them. It got a little unwieldy at the end, but I think if anything is is a great plying spindle.

Ta-da! A skein!

The end result is a cute thick-and-thin yarn, but I hope to get more control over the spindle as I continue to use it. I've been reading more about different types and I think I might want a bottom whorl spindle with a smaller whorl and a top-whorl spindle with a larger whorl! Oh well, who knows, maybe after a few skeins I'll fall in love. Or maybe it's something you just "know". :-/

Maroc Socks

When I went to Morocco last summer I decided to make some "traveling socks" with the idea that all of the wonderful things I saw there would inspire the patterns. Unfortunately, though I was very inspired, I didn't get to do much knitting while I was there. And since I've been back the little bit of a sock I started has sat in a bag, with the yarn, and I've been ignoring it. Until yesterday.