First Holiday Knitting Project Complete!

The holidays can be a stressful time for knitters. Many people find themselves inundated with requests from friends and family for hand-knit gifts; others get themselves in a pickle by underestimating the time it takes to complete all the gifts they want to give! So, my rule is generally one to two hand-knit projects a season. Last year Eli got socks and the cousins got Candy Cane Ponies (one also got a coffee cozy). The year before Aunt Meg got the prototype for the Tinsel & Garlands Mitts.

So this year I decided to make a hat for our dogwalker, and another project that must, at this moment, remain top-secret. I'm a little behind, but still confident I can finish on time(-ish).

Here are some pics of the dogwalker's hat:

Peabody for Hurricane Sandy

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During Sandy, we lost power for 5 days along with the rest of Lower Manhattan. We were very fortunate that our water did not stop running during the storm and that we are close enough to Midtown that we were able to get out and get charged everyday. Eli, Harley and I are very thankful.

I went to work only a little bit during the aftermath of the storm, and spent most of my time working on my Peabody. The first night of the blackout I made the mistake of trying to do the large lace panel by candlelight. Big Mistake. The next day I had to spend some time finding and correcting my mistakes. The sleeves, however, made great candlelight knitting so I ended up knitting the body for as long as I could and then when the sun got too low in the sky I would switch to the sleeves.

Sandy-pants, er, sweaters, er swatches

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I imagine I'm not the only one knitting my way through Hurricane Sandy, but I do wonder how many other people might be spending their downtime knitting swatch after swatch without ever managing to get the right freaking gauge!

Biodiversity Reclamation Suits by Laurel Roth

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Recently, on Ravelry, I discovered the work of Laurel Roth, an incredibly talented multi-media artist (and former park ranger). I encourage you to check out her website, because the scope of her work is wonderful and much of it is not fiber related. But here, I just want to share with you a few images of her project "Biodiversity Reclamation Suits for Urban Pigeons."

This image is the one that hooked me; it's a Carolina Parakeet

Marine Mittens Pattern Now Available!

The pattern for these fabulous, quick and easy mittens is now available! Cost is $3.00 a download!
Click the link below to purchase. 

Navajo Shawl

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While I was knitting away contentedly at mittens and hats and tiny things, I came across my Navajo shawl, tucked away with some leftover yarns. I completed it before I moved (in MAY!!!), but hadn't figured out how to block it in our new apt. We live in a studio and it's nearly impossible to keep the dog  from clambering over whatever I'm working on. But it occurred to me that the shawl might, just barely, fit on the table. I had bought some blocking squares (actually they're meant to go under carpets, T.J. Maxx, $19) so I thought to give it a shot.

A slew of tiny winter things!

Last week I finished my second pair of mittens (the blue and green ones) and I realized that I hadn't posted anything about the first pair! Here are a few pics of my mitered mitts, my hat and my blue and green mittens.

Blueberry hoodie off the needles and nearly complete!

I finished the ribbed edge if my hoodie today which means it's basically done! Just have a few hundred ends to darn... :/

Here are a few pics of me modeling it. I'm not sure how the hood ended up so huge since it otherwise fits very well but I think folding back the edge is an easy and very chic solution. Haven't decided yet if I will tack it down or just fold it back as needed.

More Buttons in my Etsy Store!

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If you haven't had a chance to check out my Etsy store, now's the time! I have some knits for sale, and my pattern of course, and I just listed eight more fabulous vintage button lots! Here's a sneak peek at a few of them; for more visit my shop!

Tiny winter things

I bought a Groupon to Annies on the Upper East Side a while back (They were great btw, I'd never been. Nice selection and helpful, friendly staff!) and ended up spending my $50 on yarn to make myself some mittens. I was so very pleased to find out that the tweedy Rowan yarn I had made my fabulous vintage fairisle mittens from is available again!  Hooray!

Here's my swatch. It's a sort of neutral Ombre look. 

SIGGRAPH 2012 3D Rendered Knitwear

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This blew my mind. So cool! 

Blueberry girl seeks cozy hoodie

Last October I gathered up a nice selection of yarns and patterns in preparation for my first vacation with my boyfriend. One of those projects was a pair of Alpaca Legwarmers that are already well worn.

The other main project I brought was my Blueberry Hoodie. I don't believe that this project has been blogged about yet. The pattern is Jade by Mira Saarentaus. It is a lovely top down cable sweater, but it has become one of those interminable projects. Or at least thats what I thought.

Green Mossy Shawl/Wrap

This shawl is knit is Alchemy Haiku, a delicious lace weight silk mohair blend. 

Knits now for sale on!

I have added my Tinsel & Garlands Pattern, as well as a pair of handknit mittens to my Etsy shop!

Check it out here:

Lions and tigers and buttons! OH MY!

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I have a very large collection of vintage buttons. I have picked them up at yard sales over the years and after my most recent move I decided it was time I culled the herd. So I opened an Etsy shop! 

I had already sorted many of them by color so that they could be displayed in my home, but some collections are just so large they need to be sorted into multiple lots. And of course I have pick out the sets I'm holding on to. Here are some pictures of my gold buttons, mid-sort. 

April-May-June and into July...

I knew it had been a while since my last post, but THREE MONTHS!? I was astounded.

I do have some fairly good excuses. The main on is that since I completed that shawl from SXSW, I basically put my needles down until just recently. And why did I do that? Well, because I moved. And moving takes all of your time. Hunting for apartments, packing, applying for apartments, moving, unpacking. We moved in the middle of May and I am still surrounded by boxes.

But the dust has settled enough for me to get clicking again.

I wanted to get back to basics, so I grabbed some deliciously soft yarn (Alchemy Haiku) and knit up a little garter stitch scarf.

283projects @SXSW

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A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to visit the lovely city of Austin, Texas for the SXSW Interactive and Film Festival. Really I was just along for the ride, Eli was speaking on a panel and we decided to make a vacation of it. I even got 283projects business cards made! Check it out!

Snow Day Legwarmers

These super cute, extra cozy legwarmers are knit up in Morehouse Merino Merino Bulky yarn (which is really an extra bulky weight). They are of my own design and the pattern is available as a free Ravelry download! You can also download the PDF here: Snow Day Legwarmers

Backstrap Weaving, Take 1.

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Last weekend I took a great Guatemalan Backstrap weaving class at Weaving Hand in Brooklyn. It was an intro class, so we made little sampler belts. I used three different colors of sport-ish weight velour yarn, one of which is variegated. I had a lot of fun making it, and learned enough new stuff to get me excited about weaving again. Yay!

Chic Knitted Turbans

The last time I was at the Brooklyn General Store I picked up this great new book, Knitting Vintage by Claire Montgomerie (using my Groupon, no less!). This little gem has a bunch of cute and sometimes goofy (condiser the looped jacket on the cover, which I really wanna make...) patterns, including one for a knitted turban. 

I decided to knit up one for myself and one for my coworker Olivia, who had taken care of my puppy over Christmas. The pattern itself is very simple, it's basically a loop of ribbed fabric folded over and twisted, but I ended up making a few changes to it. First I made the band more narrow than it called for. Other peoples' versions on Ravelry just seemed too big (wide), and on closer inspection, so did the picture in the book. Secondly I used a provisional cast on and a three needle bond off to connect the ends instead of just sewing a seam. And lastly, I decided not to secure the knot with any tacking stitches. I like the option to loop it around my neck when I'm not wearing it on my head. 

All in all I think they turned out great! And despite being made of cotton (Cascade Yarns Ultra Pima, Jeremy @Purl's suggestion as the best sport weight with a sheen) it is very toasty warm. This project took way less than one skein, so it's a perfect stash buster. Or a perfect reason to buy one skein of whatever super fancy yarn you've been eyeing... 

Et voilĂ ...

Babies who appreciate my knitting include...

This one!

And this one!

Hooray for kitty hats! And stripey overalls! Read more about them here

Wrapping up 2011, looking forward to 2012.

Once again its time to take a look at what I've accomplished in the last year and set some goals for the new one.

Sadly, looking back on last year's goals, I realize how few I managed to meet.... This is especially sad since I did so well with my 2010 goals! But, frankly I'm going to cut myself a little slack since a whole lot of my lack of productivity can be blamed on Harley, my wonderful wonderful pup who came into my life in June. He is a joy, but also a spare-time-destroyer, which affects my knitting/blogging. In 2010 I managed to churn out 25+ projects, 2011 came to a close at only about 15, and my blog with similarly fewer posts. BUT. I will not let this setback get me down! 2012 is going to be my best year yet! Here are my goals:

Christmas Knitting 2011

Christmas this year was filled with little knits. For my Starbucks obsessed cousin a coffee cozy (and a gift card inside...), for my Eli warm and woolly socks, and for all the little ones Candy Cane Ponies! 

The cozy was knit on the fly with some left over yarn from Gary's hat. I knit it in a 2x2 spiral rib pattern with a few rows of plain ribbing at the bottom and some stockinette at the top to make a curled edge. Super quick to knit up and a very satisfying little gift.