Mucking about on the wheel

I mentioned in my last post that I am lucky enough to have Leti's Louet (S15) on long-term loan. And no, I absolutely could not avoid adding any additional alliterations.

But jokes aside, it has been great to have a wheel at home, especially since it coincided with our spinning wheel class at Downtown Yarns. So far I have spun two small skeins on it, both just under 50 grams, one of Swalesdale and one of Shetland. Both are two ply but the Swalesdale is a dk-ish weight while the Shetland is more of a fingering.

The only problem so far with my little set up is that I only have two bobbins, which means that I needed to rig up some craziness to ply my first yarn (see photo at top). For my second round of plying I made a makeshift bobbin out of a pen and a foam disk. However, I found the process of winding from the real bobbin onto the make-shift one just too time consuming. I might go back to winding it into a cake with my ball winder next time and see how that does sitting on the make-shift bobbin.

The Swalesdale I have already knit up into a little girl-doll (technically a "babe," we have a whole window full of them right now at DTY). After I knit her, I dyed the body pieces with tea to add more warmth to the yarn. The original is a lovely grey, but it's not a great color for a doll.

Her hair is also handspun, some things I plied in class, and her eyes and mouth too. I haven't yet knit her any clothes, and to be completely honest I think she looks so good "in the nude" I don't really feel compelled to!

I haven't yet decided what the Shetland will be, but I think it might knit up into nice wrist-warmers. I have been wanting to make some for a while anyway, even more so after my trip to Sweden. Plus they don't take up much yarn.