Green and Orange Jamie Harmon scarf for Dad

I am hoping this will be my last "top-secret" project for a while. I hate not being able to blog about it until it's gifted! But anyway, I just finished (and gifted) an early birthday present for my dad: a BEAUTIFUL, warm, green and orange scarf from Jamie Harmon's 2-ply merino/angora yarn. This yarn is sold exclusively at Downtown Yarns or directly through Jamie (check out her website here).

This is an image of the scarf in progress. You can see that I am using one skein of various green colors and one skein of orange/yellow/green/red. The yarn is self striping so this section is (from the bottom up) 5 inches green, three inches orange, one inch green, one inch orange, one inch green. I then continued in green to the other end where I reversed the color changes (so it ends in orange).

The biggest problem (I should really say the only problem) with this project is that it was IMPOSSIBLE to photograph. The images just do NOT do the colors justice. The next few very dark ones are the best I was able to get, but even so they seem washed our now that they have gone through whatever filter Blogger uses. 

And here is my dad, very pleased with his gift!

And here are some more!

I had more fun knitting this than anything in recent memory. The yarn is just magical. Wondrous. Breathtaking. And I chose a stitch pattern that was easy but has a nice texture and added interest. It is two rows of k1, p1 rib, followed by two rows of garter stitch. Easy peasy! 

Happy almost birthday, Dad!

Oh, and yes, in case you were wondering, this is the scarf I mentioned in my goals for 2013. Checkin' 'um off one by one! 


Peter Walsh Says:

Oh yea! I've been enjoying it everyday.