Two new mini-skeins

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Pink and grey (which I already discussed) and white and grey. The pink and grey is 44 yards! Double any of the others! I dont know if I just spun it finer than the others or if there was just more fiber... The white and grey is 23 yards. Note that the grey of both these skeins is not solid grey, but has some other colors in.

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I made this video while waiting for my roommates to come pick me up for a night on the town. I hope you enjoy my metallic magenta spandex dress...Oh...and my spinning...

Lou models his socks and more spinning

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Here is my brother Louis modeling his booties. Sorry for the flash photography, but it was nighttime.

And here is a picture of my latest spinning. You'll recognize the pink from my last post. The other color is a variegated blue grey. Very nice. It spun up beautifully. Or it looked good, I suppose I should say...

I had so much trouble spinning the grey yarn, I dunno why. It just kept breaking on me, and then when I plied it with the pink they both broke twice!  And then I just couldn't reattach it. I ended up tying a knot both times, which did not make me feel good, but I suppose Ill learn how to do it better next time? *sigh*

More spinning images...

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The following images show the continuation of my spinning. First, the green roving, then the finished skein of blue and green. It made about 20 yards. The last images shows some new pink yarn I've spun. It seems like each bit of roving I spin gives me more and more yardage as I learn to spin a finer more consistent yarn. The off colored pieces you see in some of the pictures (like the brownish orange yarn on the pink skein) are my leader line that I just haven't cut off yet.