Tiny winter things

I bought a Groupon to Annies on the Upper East Side a while back (They were great btw, I'd never been. Nice selection and helpful, friendly staff!) and ended up spending my $50 on yarn to make myself some mittens. I was so very pleased to find out that the tweedy Rowan yarn I had made my fabulous vintage fairisle mittens from is available again!  Hooray!

Here's my swatch. It's a sort of neutral Ombre look. 

SIGGRAPH 2012 3D Rendered Knitwear

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This blew my mind. So cool! 

Blueberry girl seeks cozy hoodie

Last October I gathered up a nice selection of yarns and patterns in preparation for my first vacation with my boyfriend. One of those projects was a pair of Alpaca Legwarmers that are already well worn.

The other main project I brought was my Blueberry Hoodie. I don't believe that this project has been blogged about yet. The pattern is Jade by Mira Saarentaus. It is a lovely top down cable sweater, but it has become one of those interminable projects. Or at least thats what I thought.

Green Mossy Shawl/Wrap

This shawl is knit is Alchemy Haiku, a delicious lace weight silk mohair blend.