More blocking!

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Here are some of my hand spun panels being blocked. Again, apologies for the bad image. Its hard to hold up the computer to take photos like that!

The blue and white one is the first bit of yarn I ever spun, way back in october. The orange and yellow was the second and third bits I ever spun and my first two ply. The pink and grey and blue and green are both much newer, and finer.

A little doily! And apologies for not posting lately...

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I made this little doily in the last week to help me get through the last bit of grad school. This is it being blocked.


I apologize for not posting more. I have finished my poncho, but my camera is broken (the picture above was taken with photobooth), and also, things be crazy at school! However, I will soon be done (FOREVER!!!) and intend on treating myself to a new camera before I go on vacation in June (*cough* *cough* unless someone *cough* wants to *cough* get me a graduation present...*cough* *ahem* *cough* *cough*)