Fall projects

I wanted to make sure I posted a few things I've completed this Fall, before too much time has passed and I end up needing to post another giant catch-up blog...

SO, the baby pants and Danish socks from my earlier post are complete:

I am worried though that by the time the pants make it to the baby they will be too small! So I may end up making something else for little Tyler.

I also broke down and bought some yarns from DTY, basically right out of the box. First I fell head over heels for the Lotus Yarns handspun Camel and decided I was going to make myself a slouchy hat. It turned out really well and I made a sample for the store in a different colorway (pattern available!). The only hang-up was that, having never worked with camel before, I didn't realize how much it would stretch. My hat that I knit to be 17 inches around is now 22. It looks fine, it's cute and just extra slouchy but WOW! So I took 4+ inches off the sample hat, which now looks impossibly tiny but does in fact fit. Knitting is strange like that sometimes.

I also fell head over heels for some Malabrigo Rasta, the super bulky yarn they make, in a color called Laguna Negra. It's a grey base with some brown, cream and gold. Absolutely spectacular. I bought two and knit up one of Leti's Loopy Cowls (pattern available at DTY) which is not only fabulous looking (mine makes me look a bit like ZZ Top, hahaha) but also the warmest thing I have ever owned. Now I feel prepared for winter!

So, that's all I'm going to share for now. This has been a bad year for me in terms of staying focused on 1-2 projects at a time, so I'm not going to count any of my chickens yet as I suspect some may not hatch for quite some time. But, I'm slowly moving through the projects that are half-done and doing my best not to start anything new. Actually that's a lie, I JUST started a new sweater AND I have to do some X-mas knitting...but at least I'm aware that I need to stop starting new things and focus on completing the things that are in front of me!