First Crochet Mitts and Other Odds and Ends

Improving my crochet is one of my goals for 2013, and what better a way to begin that journey than with a crochet class at Downtown Yarns! The image above shows some of the swatches we made during class. The little ring of stitches (now a mini dog cowl) was my swatch from our first class, and the other three were made during the second session.

I found that crochet came very easily to me. Granted, this was not the very first time I ever picked up a hook, but I've never been very proficient. My biggest problem with crochet has always been that I need to really look to see where I'm going to put my hook, and that is still a bit of a problem, but I'm feeling much more confident after completing the workshop. 

So I made these mitts! They were actually my homework project (the assignment was simply "make something") for the workshop. I crocheted them flat and seamed the sides. They use single, double and half double crochet.

Here I am studying up on my Swedish.

And here, ladies and gentleman, is a SWATCH! For a DRESS! I can't WAIT to begin! 

Hooray for Crochet!