Snow Day Legwarmers

These super cute, extra cozy legwarmers are knit up in Morehouse Merino Merino Bulky yarn (which is really an extra bulky weight). They are of my own design and the pattern is available as a free Ravelry download! You can also download the PDF here: Snow Day Legwarmers

Harley likes to help me model things. 

Yup, thats a Harley butt. 

I'm really pleased with these legwarmers. They were so quick to knit (about a day) and a extraordinarily warm! I actually haven't worn them outside yet because it has been so unseasonably warm in New York recently, but I am looking forward to it!


Sckwee Says:

Super cute! My goal this winter was to get some of those cute knee-high leather boots that are so popular....but never got them...But I also knit some leg warmers so I feel like that ...sorta...counts? hahaha. Anyway, your knew blog looks so SLEEK! Very cool!