First Holiday Knitting Project Complete!

The holidays can be a stressful time for knitters. Many people find themselves inundated with requests from friends and family for hand-knit gifts; others get themselves in a pickle by underestimating the time it takes to complete all the gifts they want to give! So, my rule is generally one to two hand-knit projects a season. Last year Eli got socks and the cousins got Candy Cane Ponies (one also got a coffee cozy). The year before Aunt Meg got the prototype for the Tinsel & Garlands Mitts.

So this year I decided to make a hat for our dogwalker, and another project that must, at this moment, remain top-secret. I'm a little behind, but still confident I can finish on time(-ish).

Here are some pics of the dogwalker's hat:

Peabody for Hurricane Sandy

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During Sandy, we lost power for 5 days along with the rest of Lower Manhattan. We were very fortunate that our water did not stop running during the storm and that we are close enough to Midtown that we were able to get out and get charged everyday. Eli, Harley and I are very thankful.

I went to work only a little bit during the aftermath of the storm, and spent most of my time working on my Peabody. The first night of the blackout I made the mistake of trying to do the large lace panel by candlelight. Big Mistake. The next day I had to spend some time finding and correcting my mistakes. The sleeves, however, made great candlelight knitting so I ended up knitting the body for as long as I could and then when the sun got too low in the sky I would switch to the sleeves.