Silk Ruffle Scarf

This week's project: a one skein silk scarf. 

Knit with Three Irish Girls Wexford in Acadia (August's Stash Menagerie Yarn).

It's a beautiful colorway and knit up nicely. The short rows give a nice blended effect. Its super soft but VERY sticky (felts to itself easily) and kinda splity. It took more concentration than I expected. I am worried about how it will wear and wonder if this yarn would have better durability when knit at a tighter gauge.   

The pattern called for about 630 yards, and I only had 240 so its pretty small, but still big enough to be functional.

And it actually folds up into a perfect circle it can double as a doily (not that I would dare actually use it as one!). I keep my pins and other small notions in the purple box below. The color was just so perfect I had to take a picture of the box-top resting on the scarf.


Joy Says:

The scarf is stunning, Emily!

Look at your skills!

Jyo Nah Says:

This scarf elicits in me a level of glee that is beyond explanation. Suffice it to say I find it spectacularly amazing and wondrous.