Lions and tigers and buttons! OH MY!

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I have a very large collection of vintage buttons. I have picked them up at yard sales over the years and after my most recent move I decided it was time I culled the herd. So I opened an Etsy shop! 

I had already sorted many of them by color so that they could be displayed in my home, but some collections are just so large they need to be sorted into multiple lots. And of course I have pick out the sets I'm holding on to. Here are some pictures of my gold buttons, mid-sort. 

Notice my classy grey-leopard-print TV tray/sorting table. It's very handy. 

The button in the center of this photo is my favorite in the set. It is one of a kind (in my collection) and features a jouster on a horse. 

The big one in the corner will be sold all on its own, but is not up yet.

These eagles and anchors all come from my Military collection, but I've got much more than that to offer. You should check out my other listings! 

As of right now there are only buttons for sale, but I hope to expand to knitting related things soon.