Tiny winter things

I bought a Groupon to Annies on the Upper East Side a while back (They were great btw, I'd never been. Nice selection and helpful, friendly staff!) and ended up spending my $50 on yarn to make myself some mittens. I was so very pleased to find out that the tweedy Rowan yarn I had made my fabulous vintage fairisle mittens from is available again!  Hooray!

Here's my swatch. It's a sort of neutral Ombre look. 

The pattern is the May Mitered Mittens from Knitters Almanac. I ended up pulling out little start (about another 2 inches in...) because it was too big. I have TINY hands, so even though the pattern gauge is 4.5 st to the inch, and I'm at about 6 st to the inch, I ended up casting on the same number of stitches. Its a bit snug now, but not terribly. 

Then this swatch is for a pair of fairisle mittens I'm going to throw together. I wanted to make both swatches at the same time to keep my momentum going, but I'm working on the mitered mittens first.  

And yes, I have to admit that part of the reason I started these is because I am now finished with the hood of my Blueberry Hoodie and am just DREADING picking up all the stitches around the border... 

I've decided that I only get to slack off on this until 1 mitten is complete! And since the mitered mittens call for an afterthought thumb, I will probably just want until the hand if knitted because that thumb is a whole other stressor in and of itself!!


Dee Says:

Love that blue pattern!