Navajo Shawl

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While I was knitting away contentedly at mittens and hats and tiny things, I came across my Navajo shawl, tucked away with some leftover yarns. I completed it before I moved (in MAY!!!), but hadn't figured out how to block it in our new apt. We live in a studio and it's nearly impossible to keep the dog  from clambering over whatever I'm working on. But it occurred to me that the shawl might, just barely, fit on the table. I had bought some blocking squares (actually they're meant to go under carpets, T.J. Maxx, $19) so I thought to give it a shot.

Well, it worked, but dear lord! SO MANY PINS!!!!

It really did turn out beautifully! 

But did I mention the pins!? I injured my back blocking this damn thing! 

I can't wait to wear it. Photos of me modeling it coming soon.