Green Mossy Shawl/Wrap

This shawl is knit is Alchemy Haiku, a delicious lace weight silk mohair blend. 

It is super lightweight and measures about 11 x 48 inches. The body of the shawl is knit in garter stitch with a 5-wrap drop stitch edging and 3 eyelet rows in the center. 

Special thanks to Arielle Millman who gave me the lovely shawl pin I'm wearing it with in the first two images.
Available on Etsy. $78 + shipping.


Sckwee Says:

You're so good with those bright colors! I feel wear a green that stunning. It's lovely (like everything you make!) and the pin is totally great *jealous* ;)

Emily Says:

Awww thanks! You are so fair I'm certain you could manage nice rich colors too! The pin (it's not actually a pin really, it's a...thingy...that you pull the shawl an oversized button) was a gift from a friend who lives in Israel. I've honestly never seen anything like it.