Christmas Knitting 2011

Christmas this year was filled with little knits. For my Starbucks obsessed cousin a coffee cozy (and a gift card inside...), for my Eli warm and woolly socks, and for all the little ones Candy Cane Ponies! 

The cozy was knit on the fly with some left over yarn from Gary's hat. I knit it in a 2x2 spiral rib pattern with a few rows of plain ribbing at the bottom and some stockinette at the top to make a curled edge. Super quick to knit up and a very satisfying little gift. 

Eli's socks, I think, turned out great! The pattern is from the Purl Bee, Men's Socks for Giving Away

These were also super quick to knit, and amazingly, he was totally surprised! They are slightly too big, but we havent decided if something should be done about it, I may end up unraveling the toe a bit. 

And then, the ponies....

Boy were these fun to make! And sooooo cute! I used various scrap yarns in sport thru aran weights. 

Here are some happy cousins, Christmas morn, showing off their ponies.


Sckwee Says:

Goodness look at you! All those wonderful knitted X-mas gifts. Jeeze. I got a coupla hats out and my mom's cardigan (DANGIT kicking myself for not getting pics of her in it!! that's what happens on xmas morning with no coffee in you....)

I adore those candycane ponies. I wonder if there is a way to make them for...pens or something... hmm.... hehehe <3

Everything looks great, the socks look very manly, and I'm so sorry we weren't able to meet up!!!!

hakucho Says:

Your ponies are very festive! I love their colorful eyes :)