Welcome March, Welcome Cherry Blossoms!

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With the Cherry Blossom festival just a few weeks away, I've been working on some festive pink and silver socks to welcome the Spring.

The pattern is Anastasia Socks, which is available as a free download on Ravelry. I had a bit of trouble with starting each one. With the right foot my gauge was off, and then even when my gauge was right they were too big. So I started again with only 52 stitches (as opposed to 60) with 9 stitches between each spiral. Now they fit just fine! 

But then when I started the left foot I just wasn't paying enough attention. First I used the wrong decrease. Frogged. Then I put the decrease/yo in the wrong order. Frogged. But now all seems to be well. Phew! 

The yarn is Yarntini Plum Blossom which I got in a trade from the lovely Halation.