Isla's Kitty Cat Hat

This hat design is just the cutest thing I ever did see. It was the thing that made me buy the book, Chic Knits for Stylish Babies. BUT. And its a big BUT. This pattern is really poorly written. Let me count the ways: 

1) There is no weight listed for the yarn. It simply says "any chenille yarn." Looking at the other projects in this collection and the fact that it was meant to be knit on a US8 I figured it was a worsted. Wrong. If I had looked closer I would see that its basically 3 stitches to the inch. :-/ 

I ended up using US9s at about 4.5 st to the inch because I wanted it to fit a younger baby anyway. 

2) It is unclear whether it is knit flat or knit in the round. I had to go on Ravelry to be sure of this. 

3) One of the reasons this is not clear is because there is no diagram for what the finished piece should look like pre-sewing up or how the edges should be sewn together.

4) There is an error in the "ear" instructions. They say to decrease one stitch at the end of each alternating row, but it should read EVERY row. 

Well, obviously I figured it out, right? But its pretty annoying. I paid good money for those instructions!

Now back to how friggin' cute it is...

The yarn is Morehouse Farm Merino 3-Strand. Very very soft and beautiful bright colors!

As you can see there is a seam at the back. I hate seams so when I make another one (which I will! Like I said I love the design; hate the pattern...) I'll knit it in the round. I'm not sure if this will cause the edges to curl more so I may need to add a ribbed border. 


This little hat was made for the newborn daughter of some customers of mine at Thompson Chemists. She may or may not be born yet as of this morning, she's been slow to arrive. :) 

I decided to make it because, as much as I love all the little baby boys in my life, I desperately wanted to knit something for a girl! So, thank you Isla! I hope you love it! (And Mom and Dad too!)