Tassels are where it's at. Word.

For whatever reason I've been dreaming of tassels lately. I think it started when I got my Encyclopedia of Crochet in the mail, with its lovely magenta-sparkly-novelty-yarn-shawl-pattern (with a tassel!), because I've also been spending way too much time thinking about sparkly yarn....  

I've been trying to come up with ideas for other items that can involve tassels. Shawls, hats that tie under the chin, lap-blankets, snoods with cinchy-tassel-goodness....


In an effort to find a way to use the 57 yards of shetland wool I recently spun, I created a Very Tiny Ear Warmer (VTEW) complete with twisted cord ties and tassels! YAY! 

Ladies and gents I think we need a close up of those tassels! 

W00T! (And the crowd goes wild!)

Are they just delicious? 


Sckwee Says:

I think the ear warmer turned out great! It must be really fulfilling to be able to spin up some yarn and then make something with it! Especially if it has TASSELS! hahaha I do like the tassels a lot and I have absolutely no tasseling experience so I'm in awe ^_-