Spinning again, finally! Results are, er, lumpy. :(

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So, it's been a while since I did any spinning. And I'm not in love with my new spindles. But, I'm getting better at working with them and have produced one 57 Yard skein of 2 ply wool, and half a skein of singles (will finish the rest and make it a two ply). Here are some pics.

The pictures above show the first bit of spinning I did. I used the brown wool to make the other ply. The two below show the first bit of spinning I did on my top-whorl spindle. It spins very fast and I had a hard time drafting fast enough. It is already kind of busted-up because I've dropped it a few times. :(

At least its still functional. I'm hoping its more of a broken-in kind of busted-up and not a will-shatter-next-time-I-drop-it kind of busted-up.

These next image show the 2 ply yarn on my bottom-whorl spindle which I used to spin both plys and to ply them. It got a little unwieldy at the end, but I think if anything is is a great plying spindle.

Ta-da! A skein!

The end result is a cute thick-and-thin yarn, but I hope to get more control over the spindle as I continue to use it. I've been reading more about different types and I think I might want a bottom whorl spindle with a smaller whorl and a top-whorl spindle with a larger whorl! Oh well, who knows, maybe after a few skeins I'll fall in love. Or maybe it's something you just "know". :-/


Sckwee Says:

I don't know anything about spinning so I gotta hand it to you! I think they look great!