Mermaid's Tail Scarf!

WOW! Two projects finished in the same day! The Blizzard scarf is almost dry and I just finished weaving in the ends on my Mermaids Tail Scarf! Here are some pics:

The yarn is Noro Kochoran. 50% Wool 30% Angora 20% Silk. I used almost 2 skeins for this and the mini version with size 9 needles.

I know I've got quite a poker face (you should see my passport...) but I felt silly smiling for the camera alone at 9am. :P

The pattern is alternating Moss stitch and k3p3 ribbing. There are 4 panels of ribbing and 3 panels of moss. The ends are k5p5 welting.

Its so cozy and soft. The yarn has really fluffed up after being handled.