Crafting plans/goals/dreams in 2010

I've been thinking a lot about what exactly it is I want to accomplish with my knitting/crafting. I'm always planning new projects. In fact, I think I spend more time planning new projects than I do working on them! But recently I've decided to take a more focused approach and make a game plan for what I would like to accomplish in the next year and beyond.

1) Continue to make awesome stuff and (more importantly) complete my projects in a timely manner. My next :

2) Continue to amass an awesome library of reference books and patterns (but not blow too much cash)

3) Brush up on crochet. I've only ever made one full object in crochet, and I think its time I had a bit more practice. The plan is to make crocheted cotton washcloths for everyone I know. There, you have now all been warned...

4) Figure out what else I can do with my loom.

5) Spin enough yarn to make something and then make it.

6) Next fall, if I feel confident enough I have decided to start level on of the Knitting Guild's Master's Program. Wish me luck. (Crouching Tiger Knitting Dragon, wha?! :P )

7) I want to publish a pattern. As soon as possible. AND get paid for it.

8) Also in the next decade I would like to develop at least have a working knowledge of the following:
a) Embroidery. In particular I would like to attempt an antique all over pattern, something crazy, complex and awesome.
b) Bobbin Lace. This has got to be the least useful craft ever. Yet it is awesome.
c) Sewing. YUCK! My least favorite thing.

Ok, thats it for now. Or at least that all I can think of. New stuff soon! :D