Silken Mittens for Fall

After a relatively unproductive summer, I hit the ground running for Fall. And then stalled. This past weekend I completed a pair of mittens (Celtic Moonrise Mitts in Alchemy Kosmos) that had intended to make 2+ years ago. I knitted all but one thumb back before I began Esther's hat, but somehow couldn't bring myself to pick them up again until now. Boy do I need them too! Just in time for the first real cold snap.

My wonderful fairisle mittens (Vintage pattern, some kind of Rowan tweed wool) that I made back in 2005 were on their last legs even then, and last year at the end of the season I punched a hole right through the front of them in a rather irreparable manner (both thumbs had been repaired on several occasions...).

I will miss them though! This is me making them, back at 283, many many moons ago. :)

Here are the new mittens:

The Alchemy Kosmos yarn is so soft and delicious. And while it's kind of a pain to have to undo anything, its not nearly as bad as Haiku that I was knitting a Citron out of. I feel like I might lose all the yarn I have in the project already because its nigh impossible to unravel because of the stickiness of the mohair.

It felt really good to be able to start and complete a project in a week or so, although I was dissapointed in myself for leaving the finishing for so long. But it's gotten me back into the swing of things. I'm still not sure I'm ready to get back into my larger projects that have been lying about (Raggedy Raglan etc) but hopefully soon! I need to be more disciplined again about having a "home" (read:complex or large) project and a "travel" (small/easy) project at all times because as you, reader, probably well know, the initial planning/start up of a new project can quite be energy intensive even if the project itself is a simple one.

I made just a few changes to the pattern. For starters I made them a lot smaller to fit my tiny hands. I used a size 3 needle for the cuff and a 6 for the rest. I also added a thumb gusset by following GinRose's instructions on ravelry, with some adjustments. I also continued to cable the center even after I had begin the decreases so that I finished with the same row I began with. I think it really turned out nicely. And a three-needle bind off for the top (why not? who wants kitchiner stitch anyway???)