Happy New Year!

Last January I made a list of things I wanted to accomplish (see Crafting Plans/goals/dreams in 2010). Looking back on this list I am pretty satisfied with the number of goals I actually met or worked on.

I've had a very productive year; I think I completed about 25 projects and have a few more that just arent done yet. I have expanded my library of reference books. I knit something from yarn I spun (see the Very Tiny Ear Warmer). On December 31st I became a card carrying member of the Knitters Guild and signed up for the Master's Program. I worked on my sewing skills when I made my Seedless Watermelon Smocked Top Dress. AND I finished the first prototype for an original design! The pattern should be ready by the end of the month!

New goals for 2011 include:

1) Completing and passing Level One of the Master Hand Knitter Program.

2) Convincing people to buy my pattern.

3) Purchasing a domain and building a website. I also need a logo...or something.

4) Making more posts here! I have several posts from December that never got finished! I need to make showcasing my work here a priority.

5) Embroidery. This was on last year's list too.

6) Lastly, I want to continue to be as productive as possible! (Step one is finishing my Work Shawl and the other pattern prototypes)

Happy New Year!