The Great Mitts Project

Wintertime at Thompson Chemists brings joy to some, and frozen fingers to most. The pharmacist loves the fresh cool air, and consequently, the door is open almost year round. This year I decided to undertake a massive mitt-making project to equip our entire staff with hand-knit fingerless gloves.

Now, we have a staff of about 16 people. I'm not making 16 pairs of gloves. My goal is to have four pairs for Thompson Chemists and two pairs for Thompson Alchemists (unevenly divided based on the number of employees normally scheduled at each location at any given time). So far I have two pairs for ThomChem and one pair for ThomAlchem.

The Grey Mitts

Made for (i.e. inspired by, she still has to share!) and modeled by the lovely Jazmin Cruz. 

The Blue Mitts

Modeled by Essy Shasho, the blue mitts are currently the only mitts at Thompson Alchemist and look really smashing with her fair complexion and red hair. They are also merino wool and super super soft.

The Yellow Mitts

Made for and modeled by Imani Thomas, I was inspired to make some extra funky, bold, mismatched mitts for Imani because she loves her bright colors. Made with left overs from my two Cloche hats. Notice that the cuff is much shorter....not enough yarns... 

But now, the scent of mitts is in the air and people are coming out of the woodwork left and right to ask for pairs! So far I have only made one other pair, for my roommate Rachel. (I made them as an early birthday present, but her actual birthday is today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY RACHEL!)

Rachel's Mitts

They match the Grey Mitts, except Rachel's are a little longer in the cuff. Here she is enjoying them. In fact, I dont think she has taken them off since I gave them to her. 


Kaitlin Roberts Says:

If I paid you, would you make me a pair of these gloves? Do you know how hard it is to use a touch screen phone in the winter? It's like, really hard. xo