Raggedy Raglan

A few months back I dropped into Purl Soho to get some needles and as usual I walked about for a few minutes squeezing things and smelling things and generally pawing at their yarns. And even though I was supposed to be on a yarn diet, I ended up falling so head over heels (love at first squeeze) with Imperial Stock Ranch's Tracie yarn that I had to come back the next day and buy it!

What's so lovely about this yarn, you ask? First, its minimally processed so it smells like lanolin. Its oh so very squishy (this is my new favorite characteristic in yarn) with lots and lots of bloom. It claims to be a fingering weight, but with all the squish and fuzz its more like a light DK I guess...I'm using size 5s. Its just wooly wooly goodness! Encapsulated. Or, skeined. Lol.

So this wooly wooly goodness is slowly transforming itself into my first ever custom raglan sweater. I'm loosely basing it on Elizabeth Zimmerman's percentage system, but because I want it to be very fitted I'm just sort of starting there and making other adjustments on the fly.

So far so good, I'm working on the sleeves at the moment. Here are some pics:

The sleeve I made on the addi turbo needles is a tiny bit smaller than the one on the bamboo needles so I have had to adjust my tension a little. I don't think it will be much of a problem though. 


Heathe' Says:

They look real comfy!

Sckwee Says:

I actually am also fond of that lanolin scent, although the stonge wool tends to get to my allergies a bit, there is something kind of soothing and earthy about that smell.

I'll have to see if my LYS has that yarn in stock and go give it a squeeze.

BTW, that pic of you is adorable!