Geeking out and blowing cash

The past few days I have spent an enormous amount of time on Ravelry. I joined a long long time ago but really haven't made much use of it until now. I have been amazed at the amount of expertise just floating around out there. For example, I started a forum to ask about the type of Goat Down Yarn used to make traditional Orenburg shawls (which Deidre's scarf is based on) which has received almost 100 responses and been read by nearly 800 people!!! Woah! So awesome!

I also have decided, thanks to the helpful advice of my fellow Ravelers, to purchase some goat down yarn from a company called Taiga. The company seems to be out of business, or, more likely, no longer imported, but I found one person willing to sell me their stash and also a website with a few skeins left in stock. Thankfully its relatively inexpensive...

I also went ahead and bought myself a new spindle. Actually I bought two from a place called The Woolery. My crappy beginner's spindle is falling apart (the hook keeps falling off and now I've lost it) so I decided it was time for an upgrade. I ended up with a Greensleeves Bare Bones Top Whorl and a cute little Louet Bottom Whorl with sheep on it! (The image below shows the top whorl Louet)

Then I continued my shopping spree (my wallet hurts so bad right now...) and got two drop spindle books on amazon and a rigid heddle book. Silly amazon told me that two of my items would not ship for up to 3 months! AND to get the free shipping they would make me wait to get the other one until everything was ready! So I ended up buying things in two orders, one for the two books that are going to take a while, and one with the 3rd. But, helas, I needed another few bucks to make it to Super Shipper Savings, so I bought the classic Knitters Almanac as well. :D

What a happy Saturday!


The lovely people at The Woolery called me to say that the Bare Bones spindle is back ordered. I decided to try the Kentucky brand instead, which I am told is very similar, and local. Well, local for them at least... :P