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I got this great little "do-it-like-its-colonial-times" spinning kit with a drop spindle while I was on vay-cay in rural PA. I spun the wool in the kit that same night, and ordered some more a week or so ago. Heres some photos of what Ive been spinning.

This is the skein of yellow and orange two ply yarn I made. Its about 17 yards long. Image 1 shows the skein, image two is my skein and drop spindle. Image three is my freshly wound ball of yarn, post soaking to "set" the twist.

This is some blue roving that I spun today into single ply yarn. Image 1 shows the roving separated out into pieces. Each one is about 12". Image 2 shows my work station. Notice my ingenious use of a candlestick holder. Image 3 shows the yarn partially spun and on the spindle (pretending to be a candlestick) and the last image shows the full amount of roving spun and on the spindle.